• The course taught me lots of new tricks and gave me the confidence to tackle appropriate cases.
    Dr A Wallace
  • When I first heard about the Inman Aligner and rapidly effective results it was producing I was very keen to investigate further.

    I have now seen Dr Tif Qureshi lecture on three occasions, one of which was an accreditation hands-on course, and feel more than confident to start using this ingenious appliance.

    The key to success in this revolutionary appliance is the fact that it works in such a simple yet fast manner. Case selection is clearly described throughout the course and the criteria that need to be met are all well illustrated by a plethora of cases. The sheer number of cases shown clearly demonstrated the very impressive results in an astonishingly short period of time, often within 4-16 weeks. Cases were also backed with periapical x-rays that showed no adverse effect on surrounding periodontium and also no root resorption.

    The purpose of the aligner is to deal with crowding in the anterior sextants of both upper and lower jaws. The diverse applications in various case scenarios were well covered and documented to show the full potential. It was an excellent course delivered in an informal, honest and open manner, by a dentist who understands the value of the patients best interests. It was a hugely enjoyable and productive day of learning and insight into the world of removable orthodontics.

    The support offered by Inman Aligner Training team provides a service that can help guide you on individual cases and also will list you as an accredited dentist for this product on their website.

    Overall the Inman aligner is an exciting addition to my treatment planning. The flexibility of what it can achieve at relatively low cost for the patient is the reason why so many many dentists and patients are becoming more aware of its potential.

    Dr. Sanjay Sethi
  • Very good practical aspect. Quality of videos, photography, videos and dentistry is a credit to our profession.

    Dr. Bertie Napier
  • Best part of presentation. variety of clinical cases shown both definitive and pre-restorative.

    Dr. Nik Sisodia
  • Tif your courage to express your honesty about your own journey in cosmetic dentistry is nothing short of admirable and a credit to dentists

  • Great presentation, very clear.

    Dr. Anoop Maini
  • Gave me the confidence to do more cases.

    Dr. James Goolnik
  • Very good course, excellent speakers, very approachable and kind even thought they are the best and well respected.

    Dr. Tim Eldridge
  • Very informative, concise and honest talk.

    Dr. Klaudia Tombolis
  • Every dentist who has ever placed a veneer needs to take a serious look at using the Inman Aligner.

    Dr. Jag Jeer
  • Tif is obviously passionate and dedicated to this area of dentistry.

    Dr. Alyson Lampard
  • Good theory, good practical and very good format.

    Dr. Jag Shergill
  • Best part is the attention to detail, excellent since beginning, fantastic day, can't wait to start my first case.

    Dr. Elena Galindo
  • In the top 3 courses I have attended in recent years, Excellent!

    Dr. Ian MacArthur
  • The best part of the presentation? The simplicity of the appliance along with the amazing results!

    Dr. Dee Gawley
  • Very well presented course. An excellent comprehensive introduction to the Inman Aligner.

    Dr. Ramesh Parmar
  • Amazing Course, It has opened my eyes to so much better treatment options for my patients.

    Dr. Sunita Verma
  • Clear, concise presentation – more about the how to rather than the usual "see how clever I am" type presentation. Great day, thanks very much. This type of development in cosmetic/aesthetic dentistry has been a long time coming.

    Dr. Fraser Hendrie
  • Best part of presentation? Changing my philosophy regarding ortho provision, reminding me that you have to give the patient all the choices and manage their expectations in respect of outcome and retention. Sometimes they want a quick if not technically perfect end result from an ortho point of view.

    Dr. Michael Atkinson

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