Pravesh Solanki

Pravesh Solanki

Over the last 17 years have amassed a vast amount of experience working with a wide range of healthcare businesses and individuals including, private hospitals, dental clinics, GPs, orthopaedic surgeons, radiologists and pharmacies.

I have been fortunate enough to be involved in the entire lifecycle of several businesses from startup to exit. My work ranges from providing simple consultancy to getting a business ready for exit.

What’s my Story? I am an Oxford University graduate that spent 10 years at university and decided not to follow my intended career path to practice medicine.

I had always been involved in business as a kid I would clean my Dad’s taxi for money and work long shifts in his corner shop.

The natural path was for me to somehow combine my ingrained business background with my medical education. In 2006 whilst studying for my PhD I set up a medical consultancy and marketing business. Our team have helped numerous healthcare businesses grow through a unique scientific consultancy process and raw experience of having made many mistakes along my journey.

By analysing a business I can provide strategic advice for growth and troubleshooting, design systems, processes and creative marketing solutions.

In 2011 I became a director of Changing Faces Dentistry Ltd, previously a client of mine. This business operates as two dental practices, a property company and also a franchise company providing Clinical Dental Technicians with an opportunity to run high-end bespoke denture clinics under the successful Changing Faces proven business model and brand.

In 2013 I became a director of the IAS Academy, my focus here is strategic growth working alongside our CEO in addition to shaping our marketing strategy and software development.

In 2016 I became a director of The Dental Suite with a plan for growth and exit with my talented business partners. We sold the group of practices to Dentex 5 years later after achieving twice our target exit valuation.

I am passionate about business growth and writing articles on subject matters related to marketing and growth from the 9 word email to how a simple cookie can create the most powerful word of mouth marketing strategy.

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