Anoop Maini

Anoop Maini

IAS Academy director and trainer, Dr Anoop Maini BDS DGDP, was an inspirational educator and dentist who passed away in 2019, aged 49.

He was well-loved by course attendees and colleagues alike for his captivating presentations in which he had a talent for delivering serious content with a unique sense of self-deprecating humour.

As well as being one of IAS Academy’s most valued and talented trainers, Anoop was active in many international dental bodies and a benefactor to charities and good causes.

He also ran three dental practices alongside wife Dr Neera Maini and was committed to developing minimally invasive orthodontic techniques to resolve their many patients’ everyday issues.

Anoop’s passion, drive and enthusiasm for dentistry was infectious, and he brought learning and laughter to everyone he met. His good spirit and humour are sorely missed by the many who gravitated towards him.

His passing is a true loss to the profession to which he gave so much.


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