ClearSmile Brace

ClearSmile Brace

Almost all fixed orthodontic systems use the same basic principles for tooth movement. Whilst ClearSmile Brace only uses the highest quality brackets and wires, set up by our highly trained technicians, the real power of ClearSmile Brace lies in the diagnosis, improved consent and superior training and support.

The ClearSmile Brace system uses the latest digital technology and techniques to ensure a beautiful product and fantastic result.

To become a ClearSmile Brace provider simply complete the hands-on training course and then we’ll help you do the rest with continued mentoring.

Key features of ClearSmile Brace are:

  • Enhanced control over treatment
  • Easy to understand and shorter pathway to proficiency
  • Archwize simulations to ensure expectations met and consent gained
  • Lower lab costs allowing more affordable treatments

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