How IAS Support & Mentoring Works

Achieve Outstanding Results with Guidance from World-Class Experts

IAS Support is a secure platform where dentists receive guidance, mentoring and ongoing education from a panel of world-class experts.

Even if you’ve never attended an IAS course, IAS Support lets you receive support from the initial assessment, right through completing the case.

Just register for an IAS account to access the service.



Choose Your Level of Support

Our platform allows you to progress through three through the levels of support as and when you need to. Every case starts with a suitability check.

1. Receive a Suitability Check & Get Unstuck

Upload your case images and records to our secure platform to receive feedback on the viability of your case. If there’s a better way to proceed, IAS experts can talk you through the alternatives.

If you are stuck with a particular aspect of a case and need simple advice, you can also use this service to get specific advice.

2. Case Planning & Treatment Set-Up

Once you’ve agreed on a way forward with your mentor, you can upgrade to receive further treatment planning and case set-up support. This includes both digital and non-digital case planning workflows and any laboratory prep support you may need.

3. Complete Ongoing Case Mentoring

After confirming your plan, you can upgrade again to receive ongoing case support throughout treatment.

Ongoing case mentoring entitles dentists to dedicated education, advice and support on an appointment-by-appointment basis throughout the patient’s treatment. For orthodontic cases, ongoing support takes dentists right through to retention.

How Much Does Mentoring Cost?

Support is free for IAS members when using IAS appliances from our accredited laboratory. Members also get discounted open-source support for non-IAS appliances such as Invisalign and Six-Month Smiles.

Regular support users may wish to consider membership for a low subscription of just £49 per month.

IAS Appliance Mentoring

For IAS appliances from an IAS-accredited laboratory:

  • Suitability check £12
  • Case plan check – additional £36
  • Ongoing complete mentoring – additional £72
  • Total case mentoring fee £120

(Or FREE as part of £49 monthly subscription for IAS members)

Open-Source Mentoring

For open source appliance mentoring e.g. Invisalign, Six Month Smiles:

  • Suitability check £24
  • Case plan check – additional £72
  • Ongoing complete mentoring – additional £144
  • Total case mentoring fee £240

(50% Discount for IAS members included in £49 monthly subscription)

The diagram below illustrates the above: