Geoff Stone – Fixed Case Presentation

In this step-by-step video presentation, Geoff Stone takes us through how he treated one of his patients with fixed braces.

The video covers everything taught on IAS Academy’s fixed braces course and put into practice. Geoff tells how he used IAS protocols, in particular the detailed Assessment, Diagnosis and Planning which is the cornerstone of every orthodontic treatment. He also outlined how he utilised the online support platform and advice from mentors.

The video presentation covers:

  • Presenting complaint and examination
  • Assessment, diagnosis and planning
  • Spacewize analysis
  • Clinical photography
  • Treatment aims and compromises
  • The treatment plan accepted
  • IAS mentoring guidance
  • Archwize 3D planning by the IAS Laboratory
  • Consent procedure
  • Breakdown of cost explanations to the patient and staged payments
  • Treatment sequence including bond up, IPR, adjustments and de-bond
  • Reflection on the final outcome

The video is part of a growing collection of content in our member’s library, including webinars, online courses and other learning resources.


Bonus webinars from Geoff

In addition to the fixed brace webinar, we also have two additional bonus webinars from Geoff Stone below. All three case discussion webinars follow the same protocols and principles taught by IAS Academy.

Bonus webinar 2 – class II Div 2 Fixed Brace Case

Bonus webinar 3 – class II Div 2 Lingual Brace Case